‘Superman’ stunt lands three bikers in trouble

Police said three men were arrested during a late-night operation on the Butterworth outer ring road. (PDRM pic)

BUTTERWORTH: Three bikers were arrested last night for brazenly racing while performing a Superman stunt on the Butterworth Outer Ring Road.

The three male motorcyclists, aged 17 to 21, were being investigated for reckless riding.

Police said a group of motorbikes were found racing each other while lying straight on the seat in a flying position like “Superman”, zig-zagging and going against the traffic flow, causing danger to themselves and other road users.

The police operation was carried out from 1am to 6am in hotspots where “mat rempit” usually race,” the statement said.

Three motorcycles were seized, and 21 summonses issued for various road offences.


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