LZS constantly monitors its 250 zakat collection agents

LZS constantly monitors its 250 zakat collection agents

SHAH ALAM: The Selangor Zakat Board (LZS) is constantly monitoring the operational management of its 250 authorised zakat (tithe) collection agents to prevent any misconduct.

Its chief operating officer Ahmad Fadhil Hassan said this measure is continuously implemented to prevent any misappropriation of zakat funds in the state.

He said that the LZS is meticulous in its agent selection process with a number of criteria set while also establishing a team to comprehensively monitor various aspects such as operations, collection targets and the reputation of the appointed zakat agents.

“We conduct regular reviews. Every year, we replace many old agents with new ones who meet LZS criteria.

“So far, we haven’t encountered any issues (regarding the misappropriation of zakat funds), and LZS doesn’t hesitate to terminate the appointment of any agent found violating established rules,” he told reporters at the breaking of fast with muzakki (tithe payers) and presentation of Ramadan tithe 2024 here last night.

Ahmad Fadhil said LZS works closely with the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) to ensure that authorised zakat collection agents maintain a good image for LZS.

He said that the termination of an agent typically occurs when they fail to meet the set collection target for a specific period.

According to him, LZS also conducts regular meetings to gain insight into the challenges faced by the agents.

Ahmad Fadhil said that agents are also responsible for disseminating information about zakat to their specific target audience.

He urged the public to contact LZS if they encounter any instances of a zakat agent misusing the LZS name.


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