Address religious issues with rationality

Address religious issues with rationality

AS the government endeavours to attract foreign direct investments (FDIs), and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim along with Cabinet ministers work diligently to promote Malaysia as a secure destination for investments, we must avoid sending signals that portray any adverse situations in the country which can negatively impact our reputation in the international community.

The challenges facing the government are not merely about avoiding time wastage, but rather about directing efforts and resources towards preserving the nation’s political stability, safeguarding the national treasury, and combatting corruption. Such endeavours will enhance Malaysia’s attractiveness for FDIs.

Unfortunately, in recent weeks, the country has been embroiled in various boycotts against local establishments for various reasons.

Ongoing conflicts in the Middle East have led to widespread boycotts of goods and services perceived to originate from contentious sources.

Additionally, overlooking certain actions can lead to severe consequences for companies and their employees. These boycotts have generated negative publicity for the country regionally and internationally, raising investor concerns about handling these situations.

Religious and ethnic tensions can lead to significant repercussions, especially when politicians exploit these issues for personal gain or undisclosed motives.

The government’s focus should be on addressing and navigating these complex economic challenges effectively.

While we acknowledge that issues surrounding race, religion and royalty are significant concerns, it is essential to handle them with sensitivity, ensuring that actions are devoid of intentionality and malice.

It is crucial to allow companies or individuals to defend themselves, including providing legal representation, rather than resorting to boycotts, which ultimately serve no constructive purpose.

The police, the attorney-general and the courts have demonstrated utmost responsibility and commitment in their actions. Therefore, it is prudent to trust them to formulate charges and administer appropriate punishments for those who have intentionally and maliciously offended the religious sentiments of others.

The King has advised that we defer to the courts for resolution, a sentiment echoed by our prime minister, who rightfully emphasised that no one should take on the roles of executioner and judge.

As law-abiding citizens, we must allow the legal process to unfold without inciting hatred or enmity among different ethnic communities.

Living in unity and harmony requires our collective effort to safeguard the delicate balance of our religious, cultural and ethnic diversities while embodying the kindness, mercy and tolerance that are characteristic of Malaysians.

I have full confidence that we, including the government, possess the courage and strength to approach every challenging situation rationally, avoiding the sway of emotions and feelings that can lead to irrational thoughts and decisions.

Together, we have the capabilities required. By inspiring one another, fostering constructive growth and ensuring equitable access to economic opportunities, we can propel our nation to greater heights economically.


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