RM22m from Magnum for four winners within two months

RM22m from Magnum for four winners within two months

MAGNUM 4D celebrates the crowning of four new millionaires who bagged a total of RM22 million in Jackpot prizes within a mere two months.

It was heavenly coincidence for a driver from Ipoh and a housewife from Rawang when both chose to honour their late mothers’ memory by buying their mothers’ birth and passing years, which coincidentally happened to be the exact same winning numbers of 1933 and 2023. That secured each a RM4 million Jackpot win on March 17.

“The Magnum jingle will forever be my favourite song to hear now as it was that notification from the MyMagnum 4D app that announced my win. I will also do my best to wisely spend my newfound win to honour my mother’s memory,“ said the winner from Ipoh.

“Once again, my mother is showing her love to take care of the family, even from heaven. I am so grateful for this win and that my life is now forever changed for the better,“ explained the Rawang housewife.

Another housewife from Johor shared her story of finding inspiration in everyday treasures, resulting in her clinching the RM8.5 million Jackpot on Feb 25. Her journey to her life-changing moment is nothing short of inspiring. “I find number inspirations everywhere – from my car number to old receipts tucked away in my notebook. This time, it was a seven-year-old receipt that led me to the winning numbers. The moment of realisation came as she checked the Magnum 4D website before going to bed. “I couldn’t believe my eyes, seeing my winning numbers on the screen,” she recalled.

A retiree from Melaka on the other hand struck gold during the Chinese New Year festival with an RM5.4 million Jackpot win. His winning numbers, 7878 and 1318, were purchased at the Taman Sri Mangga outlet in Malacca on Feb 11.

A devoted Magnum 4D player, he played the same five sets of numbers with System Bet-5 play for the past six to seven years. The significance of the winning numbers lies in his family and friendship, with 1318 being his child’s vehicle number and 7878 holding a special meaning from a random conversation with a friend.

“I also prefer to go to the Taman Sri Mangga 4D outlet as it has also proven to be very lucky, celebrating a few past Jackpot winners,“ he recalled excitedly, adding that he found out he won while having Chinese New Year dinner with his family.

A Magnum 4D representative said: “As our lucky winners’ step into this exciting new chapter in their lives, we celebrate their win with a reminder that the potential to win big can happen at any moment. In a world where fortune favours the bold, these winners are a shining example that with belief and action, miracles and dreams can happen when we least expect them.“

Details of the recent wins are as follows (prize draw date, draw ID, winning numbers and winning sum):

– Magnum 4D Jackpot, March 17, 013/24, 1933 + 2023, RM4,027,718, Ipoh Garden South, Ipoh, Perak.

– Magnum 4D Jackpot, March 17, 013/24 1933 + 2023, RM4,027,718, Rawang, Selangor.

– Magnum 4D Jackpot, Feb 25, 003/24, 2473 + 2363, RM8,500,700, Jalan Meriam, Muar, Johor.

– Magnum 4D Jackpot, Feb 11, 994/24, 7878 + 1318, RM5,488,471, Taman Sri Mangga, Melaka.


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