Zaim’s ketupat a big hit as customers rush to snap up tasty delicacy

Zaim’s ketupat a big hit as customers rush to snap up tasty delicacy

MELAKA: Thirty-four-year-old trader Mohamad Zaim Othman, of Kampung Bukit Godek, Semabok, has been drawing huge crowds from far and near, with about 3,500 ketupat nasi, accompanied by a delightful selection of rendang dishes, being snapped up daily.

Mohamad Zaim proudly shared that the demand for ketupat nasi has surged since the Ramadan month began, and he was particularly elated when a renowned ‘retort’ food company expressed interest in selling the traditional dish in Singapore.

Having inherited the business from two generations and taking over from his late father eight years ago, the sale of his ketupat has risen in popularity, largely due to his strategic advertising efforts on social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Zaim expects to sell about 50,000 ketupat on the eve of Ramadan, saying he won’t accept any bookings as customers are encouraged to visit the shop directly to make their purchases.

“Ketupat is a cherished tradition during Hari Raya, and selling it directly to customers adds to the festive excitement,“ he told reporters here today.

Mohamad Zaim said sales promotion of his ketupat for Aidilfitri began at the start of Ramadan and it has attracted customers not only from his immediate neighbourhood but also from as far as the Alor Gajah and Jasin districts.

To meet the rising demand, he has also enlisted the help of 30 individuals to weave the ketupat, which involves two strips of janur leaves (young coconut leaves) woven together in a crisscross pattern, in preparation for the Syawal festivities.

“To ensure quality, I oversee the cooking of the ketupat, which is made from rice or glutinous rice, in two large pots over a gas cooker for 24 hours. This meticulous process ensures a tender texture and enhanced flavour,“ he explained.

Despite the rising costs of ingredients since last year, Mohamad Zaim has maintained the price at RM1.25 per piece for the past five years.

For ease of purchase, the ketupat is conveniently bundled in sets, each comprising four pieces accompanied by serunding (floss) and anchovies.

Mohamad Zaim said that besides ketupat, he would also prepare various rendang dishes daily, including chicken rendang, chicken feet rendang, chicken liver rendang, beef rendang, mutton curry, sambal ikan bilis and serunding.

“For the daily preparation of rendang, we require a total of 15 chickens. I cook the chickens by following a special recipe passed down from my mother. However, during the Hari Raya sale, we will need 30 chickens due to the high demand,“ he said. -Bernama


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