MBPP to take stern action against litterbugs and pigeon feeders

MBPP to take stern action against litterbugs and pigeon feeders

GEORGE TOWN: The Penang Island City Council (MBPP) will take stern action against individuals found littering indiscriminately, including those who feed food waste to pigeons.

In a statement today, MBPP announced its intention to enforce penalties against individuals who litter, and dispose of food waste irresponsibly, under Section 47(1)(g) of the Street Drainage, and Building Act 1974.

It will also pursue court action against persistent offenders who continue to flout regulations and fail to settle their fines for such offenses, said the statement.

“While such feeders may perceive themselves as compassionate, their actions adversely affect public cleanliness and health standards, causing disturbances to residents,“ the statement read.

MBPP highlighted that from January to March 19, they issued a total of 93 compound notices for anti-littering offenses, including five compounds to individuals who fed food waste to pigeons.

“MBPP has also incurred additional expenses in cleaning public spaces like footpaths, frequently tainted with acidic bird droppings that corrode public property and pose potential health hazards,“ it remarked.

MBPP noted that there are still individuals who continue to flout regulations and laws, displaying a lack of social responsibility by throwing rubbish and food waste in public areas.

Plastic bags and food waste, which attract pests like rats and crows, along with abandoned containers that serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes, pose a significant risk of diseases such as dengue fever and other illnesses, it added.

“Furthermore, MBPP has to spend taxpayers’ money and allocate more staff, equipment, and transportation to ensure the cleanliness of the island is consistently maintained and preserved,“ it emphasised.


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