PM gives away donation to Ali XPDC

PM gives away donation to Ali XPDC

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has made a personal donation to XPDC vocalist Mohd Ali Ismail who suffered from lung problems that made it difficult for him to stay active in the industry.

The donation was delivered by Anwar’s political secretary Ahmad Farhan Fauzi who visited the singer at his home in Bandar Salak Tinggi, Selangor, yesterday.

“I pray for him to be blessed with overall wellbeing and strength to continue living this life with his beloved family, Insya-Allah,” Anwar posted on Facebook today.

Anwar said he was also made to understand that the family is depending on the income from the sale of murukku made by his wife to make ends meet.

“Those who are interested in buying the murukku can contact Ali’s wife (Sharifah) at 011-70700885,” he posted.

Ali was reported to have had a stroke two years ago. -Bernama


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