Hot weather: Sik residents told to look out for poisonous snakes

Hot weather: Sik residents told to look out for poisonous snakes

SIK: Residents in the Sik district are reminded to be alert on the presence of poisonous reptiles in their homes following the current hot weather.

The Sik Malaysian Civil Defence Force (APM) district officer, Civil Defence (PA) Lieutenant Haisul Aishah Mohd Napiah said the bathroom area is usually a place for the reptiles tro seek shelter apart from chicken coops.

According to him, a total of 51 snakes of various types were recorded caught in January with 32 cases in February.

“For the month of March, 20 cases have been received to date. Last night, at 10.22 pm, we received a complaint about a four-metre long cobra, on the roof of a bathroom in a house in Kampung Batu Dua, Sungai Pau.

“A team from Sik APM took about 30 minutes to trap the reptile after the animal escaped and hid in a crack in the wall of the house,“ he said when contacted by Bernama here today.

He added that the snake was brought back to the Sik District APM Operations Control Centre before being handed over to the Sik District Wildlife Office.

Members of the public are requested to contact Sik APM at 04 469 8221 if there are any emergency cases and need help over the presence of poisonous animals. -Bernama


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