M’sian woman dyes hair blue, gets insulted by auntie during CNY reunion

M’sian woman dyes hair blue, gets insulted by auntie during CNY reunion

THE festive season is here which means many of us have returned to our hometowns. However, along with the much-awaited reunion, it’s understandable to dread what our relatives have to say about our social lives and appearance.

In a popular anonymous confession posted by Mamaclub, a woman revealed that she selected blue as her favourite colour after consulting her mother.

“It has always been a colour that I’ve wanted to try, and I happen to love the outcome!” She asserted.

“Blue? “You look so lala,“ said the aunty.

When she returned to her hometown for Chinese New Year, one of her aunties stopped by to check for the girl’s mother, but her attention was drawn to her blue hair.

According to the auntie, she wasn’t a fan of the colour and it was not just because of the dye chemicals but also because of how it made her appear overall.

The aunty went on to say, “Today’s youth are out of control!” Colouring your hair damages your scalp. And it’s not the right shade; you look lala! You’ll be troubled by the boys out there, I assure you.”

The girl’s mother became increasingly uneasy as the aunty spoke.

After some time defending her daughter, the mother changed her mind under pressure and instructed her daughter to colour her hair black as soon as possible.

“Didn’t you hear what your aunt said? “You look like lala!” Her mother shouted.

The girl, on the other hand, was unwilling to recolour her hair, especially after spending RM500 on an outcome she was happy with.

She justified her decision, claiming that the colour is popular in other countries, but her mother did not believe her.

She went on to say, “You said it yourself; it’s trending internationally. “We’re in Malaysia!”

The girl then chose to remain mute rather than escalate the conflict.

At the end of her message, she advised all aunties to refrain from making any comments on anything that may spark an argument.

Imagine feeling great after getting a new hairstyle, only to have someone not only ruin your day but also create an argument at a reunion meal.


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