Riverbanks, roads in 10 areas in Kuala Balah at risk of collapse

Riverbanks, roads in 10 areas in Kuala Balah at risk of collapse

JELI: Riverbanks and roads in 10 areas in Kuala Balah here have been identified as at risk of collapsing, especially during heavy rain.

Kuala Balah assemblyman Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang Kechil said the affected areas are Kampung Kubur Datu, Kampung Janggut Seberang, Kampung Lubok Bongor, Kampung Bukit Selar and Kampung Jerimbong.

“We will constantly monitor each of these at-risk areas from time to time because we do not want to jeopardise the lives and safety of the residents.

“We also hope that the government has special allocations and long-term plans for at-risk areas not only here but also in other localities,” he said at an appreciation event for volunteers involved in the handling of the landslide incident at Lata Janggut Seberang in late December.

Abdul Hadi said the embankment project at the landslide site in Kampung Lata Janggut Seberang was almost 60 per cent complete, covering a concrete road of 130 metres.

The landslide on Dec 29 during the height of the monsoon season left 210 victims from 43 families in the village to be cut off.

“We expect the project to be completed in the next two weeks, depending on weather conditions,“ he said.–Bernama


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