Malaysian employees surprise their boss with a new Toyota SUV

Malaysian employees surprise their boss with a new Toyota SUV

WE don’t frequently hear of workers being so fond of their employer that they decide to get them a really luxurious gift. Nevertheless, that was just what this fortunate employer had going for him.

After four years as the orchard’s manager, Zhang Wenhua has watched his staff expand from just a handful to about forty people.

The wonderful gesture, which was motivated by gratitude for Zhang’s diligence and concern, has warmed many people’s hearts and demonstrated the value of compassion and cooperation in the workplace.

They decided to buy their boss a vehicle together, with Zhang’s wife lending assistance. Furthermore, a few have demonstrated loyalty and devotion by rising to managerial positions or becoming shareholders in the business.

Zhang acknowledged that he was taken aback by the gift but quipped that perhaps it was because his staff felt he was too frugal and wanted to give him a unique New Year’s gift, according to China Press.

Moreover, Zhang appreciates the present more than merely a new car since he often uses business vehicles.

It stands for his team’s sincere gratitude and friendship, which he cherishes more than worldly possessions.

Despite the big gesture, Zhang stays humble, believing in treating everyone with kindness. He gives credit to key employees for their hard work and leadership in making the company successful.

What a heart-warming surprise, how nice was it to see a good employer being appreciated for once. What do you say?


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