Customers appalled by RM20 ‘seating fee’ at KL hotpot restaurant

Customers appalled by RM20 ‘seating fee’ at KL hotpot restaurant

EVERYONE is familiar with service tax at restaurants, but what about a ‘seating fee’?

A diner recently discussed the event in the Malaysian Law Forum Facebook page, including their meal ticket as proof that they had indeed been “charged” RM20 for a “seating fee.”

“Were we meant to eat on the road if we didn’t pay?” wrote the puzzled customer.

Each of the three companions who went along with the customer was charged RM5 for a seat.

The individual gave a vague indication regarding the state of the establishment during their visit, but they did not provide the restaurant’s exact location.

“When we were there, there weren’t many people around. This location lies beneath a condominium,” she wrote.

Furthermore, she said that none of them had been told ahead of time about the seating charge.

“We should be seated, right? Were we meant to eat on the go if we didn’t pay?”

She also mentioned that it is customary for employees at hotpot restaurants in China to charge patrons extra for utensils and sauces in addition to the sitting cost.

“The authorities in China will respond if customers report such incidents. However, why is this concealed fee showing up in Malaysia?” She wondered.

Additionally, she went on to voice her displeasure with the seating charge and remarked, “We didn’t even have a choice. Doesn’t this go against our rights to make a choice, and our rights to know?”

As patrons, how would you respond if you discovered the restaurant charged you for a ‘seating fee’?


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