Customer attempts to purchase 4,500 pieces of Cromboloni, vanishes when asked for deposit

Customer attempts to purchase 4,500 pieces of Cromboloni, vanishes when asked for deposit

RUNNING a business requires a great deal of patience and understanding. Unfortunately there are irresponsible folks out there who make running a business a real test of patience.

D Kaseh Kaseh, a dessert vendor from Muar, Johor, shared on her Facebook page how she nearly landed a major sale. However, the customer went missing in action.

The buyer contacted Kaseh via WhatsApp and requested 4,500 pieces of frozen crombolonis.

“All orders require a 50% deposit, as per business policy. This is for safety,“ said

Unfortunately, she received a blue tick for the deposit.

It would have been a huge disappointment if Kaseh had prepared all of those frozen crombolonis just for the customer to vanish into thin air when it was time for payment.

Thankfully, as a seasoned entrepreneur, she evaluated the risks and planned for all possible outcomes.

She even created an invoice and requested a deposit from the customer but there was still no response from the customer.

At the end, Kaseh tried again, but received no response the next day.

She went on to say, “When I was blue ticked twice, I assumed the customer was no longer interested in buying my products.”

Netizens were not surprised to see such an occurrence occur, and many applauded Kaseh for being rigorous about safeguarding the money.

One Facebook user stated, “If there is no deposit, always assume the customer is not interested.”

Meanwhile, another advised her, “Never get enthusiastic over such a large order. Always ask for a deposit first. Thank you for publicizing this. We sometimes ignore this since we are overjoyed when we receive large orders.”

What do you think, online business owners? Aside from asking for a 50% deposit, how else can you ensure a secure transaction?


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