MOHE calls on staff to embrace collective mindset for effective policy implementation

MOHE calls on staff to embrace collective mindset for effective policy implementation

PUTRAJAYA: In a bid to enhance the implementation of its policies, the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) is calling on its staff to transition from an individualistic ‘I’ mentality to a collaborative ‘We’ mindset to foster a more unified approach.

Higher Education Minister, Datuk Seri Zambry Abd Kadir (pix) emphasised that when he took over the department, he saw that the existing pattern of working in silos would not drive a collective change.

He was speaking during the ministry’s monthly assembly which was broadcast live on its official Facebook page.

“When I took over, I saw the unhealthy way we worked in silos. You take care of yourself; I take care of myself. Each staff competed to show who was the best to their leader. But a good leader will know who is doing the actual work.

“I want to break the small bungalow tradition, by demolishing all the partitions first. Partitions prevent us from cooperating with each other,“ he said.

This will mark a new direction and reform initiative aimed at facilitating a shift in the staff’s work culture, fostering greater inter-departmental cooperation, he explained.

He announced that the policies set by the previous minister would remain unchanged and would be carried forward into the current year, with minor enhancements.

He highlighted that the ministry aims to emphasise a collective agenda implementation rather than individual ministerial goals.

“We are not implementing policies based on the previous minister’s plan or current minister’s plan. … I have emphasised many times that there must be continuity in the country’s higher education policy, it cannot be disrupted,“ he said.

During the assembly, he launched the MOHE Resource Centre Portal which was developed by the Management Services Division through the Resource Centre, to develop the ministry’s staff as knowledge workers, and encourage them to read more as well. -Bernama


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