Woman in China sues ‘husband’ of 10 years for RM133 million after discovering he is married

Woman in China sues ‘husband’ of 10 years for RM133 million after discovering he is married

IMAGINE being married to someone for a decade and having kids with them, only to discover they were married all these time?

That’s what occurred to a 33-year-old woman in China who has sued her 61-year-old ex-lover, with whom she shares eight children, for a maintenance sum of 200 million yuan (RM 133 million) after discovering that he was married to another woman.

Originally form Sichuan province in southwestern China, the unnamed woman, hailing from a wealthy family, had built a life with her lover for a decade, raising five sons and three daughters before learning about his marital status, as reported by Star Video.

Despite the fact that he lied about his age, the woman initiated a romantic relationship with him, assuming it was legally valid.

She showcased a certificate, of uncertain validity, indicating their supposed marriage in 2015, during which they planned to have ten children.

The woman revealed birth certificates to show that the children were born in the United States via a surrogate mother.

The estimated cost for having five sons and three daughters exceeded 10 million yuan (RM6.6 million).

The shocking story has stirred discussions on mainland social media, with commentators expressing disbelief and sympathy for the woman and her eight children.

In China, cases involving substantial divorce settlements often trigger heated debates, underscoring societal concerns around such issues.


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