M’sian tourist falls sick after eating snow during Japan trip

M’sian tourist falls sick after eating snow during Japan trip

FOR those who have never witnessed the enchanting sight of snowfall, it can be a rather mesmerising experience. So it’s no surprise that some would be tempted to let a few drops of snow land on their tongues to savour the sensation.

A Malaysian man recently shared a 19-second video on TikTok where he was seen holding a snowball in his hand before taking a sizable bite from it.

In the background, a child laughs and asks, “Is it cold?” to which Herman replies, “It tastes like ice!” before indulging in another bite.

However, the frosty adventure took an unexpected turn for Herman. After the second bite, he experiences a sudden brain freeze, exclaiming “it’s cold!”, and huffing some snow out of his mouth.

Unfortunately, this chilly escapade didn’t end well, as Herman later shares in the video caption that he developed a severe fever and flu that persisted for eight days, significantly impacting his Japan trip.

According to WeirdKaya, Herman revealed that the incident occurred during his visit to Yamagata.

Although he wasn’t hospitalised, the after-effects of eating the snow were far from pleasant.

Herman admitted that eating snow was an old habit from his student days in the UK, where he never fell ill.

Reflecting on the incident, he speculated that the pollution levels might have played a role, cautioning others not to casually consume snow, no matter how “white and fluffy” it may appear.


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