Chow – Work to clamp leaking pipe in Sg Perai set to be completed by 4 pm today

Chow – Work to clamp leaking pipe in Sg Perai set to be completed by 4 pm today

BUTTERWORTH: Work to fix the clamps to repair the leak in the 1,350-millimetre (mm) underwater pipe in Sungai Perai here is expected to be completed by 4 pm today, said Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow.

This is despite the difficulties faced by the divers, who have to deal with the strong current at the bottom of the river.

Chow, who visited Sungai Perai, said the divers have managed to clamp the upper part of the leaking pipe and work will continue to clamp the lower part.

“We are still on schedule and, by 4 pm today, we hope Plan A to fix the clamps can be completed,” he said, adding that once that is done, they hope to take further action to restore water to the affected areas as soon as possible through Plan B (the installation of new 600mm pipe channels).

Yesterday, the media quoted Chow as saying that a total of 120,000 water users in the Southwest area and some users in the Northeast would experience water supply disruptions for up to a week if Plan A fails.

The leak at the bottom of Sungai Perai on Tuesday (Jan 23) was the third occurrence after two incidents of pipe leaks were reported in December last year and on Jan 12.

Following several pipe leak incidents, the Penang government implemented a temporary replacement pipe installation method across Sungai Perai, and installation works of the temporary pipe are expected to be completed on Feb 2, functioning for at least eight months while waiting for the new permanent replacement pipe project at the bottom of Sungai Perai to be completed.–Bernama


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