Civil servants required to complete ‘AI Untuk Rakyat’ learning programme

Civil servants required to complete ‘AI Untuk Rakyat’ learning programme

PUTRAJAYA: Civil servants are required to complete the ‘AI Untuk Rakyat’ learning programme to increase their awareness of the use of advanced technology.

The matter was stated in the “Implementation of the ‘AI Untuk Rakyat’ Programme Among Civil Servants” circular dated Jan 17, 2024, signed by Director General of Public Service (KPPA) Datuk Seri Wan Ahmad Dahlan Abdul Aziz.

According to the circular, the directive applies to all civil servants at the ministry, department, and federal agency levels, as well as statutory bodies at the federal, state and local government levels.

“The participation of civil servants in the ‘AI untuk Rakyat’ programme will allow the government to improve the implementation of digitalisation initiatives in public services,” according to the circular.

The ‘AI Untuk Rakyat’ programme is a four-hour online learning module and civil servants are required to complete it to earn the ‘AI Aware’ and ‘AI Appreciate’ badges.

“The report of participation in the ‘AI Untuk Rakyat’ programme must be submitted to the Economy Ministry via email at

“A copy of the report should also be submitted to the Public Service Department (JPA) via e-mail at,” according to the circular, uploaded on the official JPA Facebook page today.

The ‘AI Untuk Rakyat’ programme can be accessed through the AI Untuk Rakyat portal at the link

Any enquiries regarding the AI Untuk Rakyat portal can be submitted directly to MyDIGITAL Corporation (MYDC) via email or or by calling 03-88618282.

Last Tuesday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim launched the ‘AI Untuk Rakyat’ programme, with a target to reach one million users by the end of this year. – Bernama


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