Che Ros devotes time, energy for run, marathon, accumulates more than 500 medals in three decades

Che Ros devotes time, energy for run, marathon, accumulates more than 500 medals in three decades

KUALA LUMPUR: It is not easy for someone to consistently do something for a long period of time, what more if it requires money, energy and time.

However, for Mohd Ros Suhaimi Mohd Taharim, his determination to participate in running races has kept him doing the routine daily since 1993.

Mohd Ros Suhaimi, 59, or fondly called Che Ros, participates in various running events, from short-distance runs, like the 10 kilometres or 15km, to long-distance runs such as the half marathons (21km) and full marathons (42km).

His participation in all these events since 1993 has enabled him to accumulate more than 500 medals so far.

In an interview with Bernama recently, Che Ros, who is a prison officer with the rank of sergeant major, said he began joining in running activities while working with the Cooperative Development Department (now known as the Malaysian Cooperative Commission).

“It was during my last year with the Cooperative Development Department before I was offered a job with the Prisons Department, which was in 1993, that I started running because there was an inter-agency competition under the Rural Development Ministry then.

“I joined in every run and marathon, starting with the 100 metres and 200m-run before joining in the half marathon, with the first one that was held in conjunction with the opening of the Shah Alam Stadium in 1993.

“After that, participating in runs has become part of my life,“ he said.

Che Ros, who has four children, said it was also because of his determination to want to represent the Malaysian Prisons Department in every track and field tournament.

He said he represented the department three times since 2019 and won three bronze medals for the 10,000m, 1,500m and 800m walk.

“There are also many athletes in the prison department, so I have to compete and maintain the stamina to be selected to represent the department, especially for the long-distance run so that I have the opportunity to travel abroad such as to Brunei, Singapore and Thailand.

He said his personal best record was four hours and 35 minutes for a full marathon.

Asked how he could collect up to more than 500 medals since 1993, Che Ros, who hails from Raub, Pahang, said it was his determination to be the best by participating in every run that was held

“So, my weekends are filled with running events, sometimes two days in a row like Saturday and Sunday, but now, it’s not like during my younger days anymore, but I still run and focus on events I’ve never participated in, ” he said.

Meanwhile, amateur runner Azwan Bunjing, who is also a coach, described Che Ros’ achievement as impressive because there are not many runners in Malaysia who are able to maintain a level of consistency for a long period of time.

“I hope he will continue to run to stay healthy even after retirement. Running or walking is human nature and it can be said to be a lifelong sport that can be done by various groups from young to old without requiring high skill compared to other sports,“ he said. – Bernama


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