Belantara club members modify vehicles to help flood victims

Belantara club members modify vehicles to help flood victims

JERTIH: Members of the Kelab Belantara 4X4 (Belantara) in Besut have been spending up to RM20,000 to modify their respective four-wheel drive vehicles, so that they can help those affected by floods.

Its president, Wan Nadzlin Wan Mohamed, said that the modifications were carried out by members, to ensure that their vehicles can wade through floods up to half the depth of the vehicle, and through roads which are difficult for normal vehicles to enter.

“Among the modifications done was to raise the body and engine of the vehicle to be able to wade through deeper water or mud.

“Some also install a ‘snorkel’ or an additional device to remove water, so that water does not enter the engine compartment, and can wade through the flood to a depth of almost two metres, and a winch to pull other cars stranded in the floods,” he told Bernama today.

Members also spent up to RM3,000 in maintenance costs in each flood season to ensure that their vehicles were in satisfactory condition to help victims.

Wan Nadzlin said that, for this year’s flood season, a total of 26 out of 300 Belantara members have prepared with their respective vehicles to rescue flood victims, especially in the Besut district.

“The club’s ResQ team unit has been activated and we are waiting for instructions from the authorities to carry out this voluntary task at any time in the event of a flood.

He said that all the drivers in the Belantara club have extensive experience in extreme driving activities using four-wheel drive, and they always bring their own equipment such as food and a mobile gas stove during the rescue work, which sometimes starts from early morning until late at night.

“In any case, the safety factors of drivers and flood victims are always taken into account. Areas identified as risky and dangerous will be avoided by our members,” he said, adding that the club is always in communication with the authorities to determine the rescue locations that members can pass through. – Bernama


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