APCW 2023 platform to strengthen commitment to climate action

APCW 2023 platform to strengthen commitment to climate action

JOHOR BAHRU: The Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2023 (APCW 2023), which concluded today, is an effective platform for Johor to solidify its commitment to climate action and establish itself as a leading force in the fight against environmental degradation.

State Investment, Trade and Consumer Affairs Committee chairman Lee Ting Han said the event had been a catalyst for a wave of transformative initiatives, each designed to confront the climate crisis head-on while propelling the state towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

“The initiatives highlighted at the APCW 2023 are not just about environmental commitment, but the basis for a new era of growth and prosperity in Johor. By supporting sustainability, we create new economic opportunities, foster innovation and improve the quality of life of the people.

“We are positioning Johor as a leader in sustainable development, showing that environmental care and economic progress can go hand in hand,” he said at the closing ceremony of APCW 2023 here today.

He said every session during the climate week, which began on Monday, including the carbon market, was proof of the ingenuity, resilience and firm determination of the Asia Pacific region in dealing with climate change issues.

“More importantly, we will be heard as one voice at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 28) in Dubai in less than two weeks,“ he said.

The APCW 2023, one of four regional climate weeks taking place this year ahead of the COP 28 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from Nov 30-Dec 12, was attended by 3,800 people from 108 countries who participated in over 200 sessions held over the course of the event.-Bernama


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