Heavy vehicle drivers violating peak hour ban

Heavy vehicle drivers violating peak hour ban

KUALA LUMPUR: As of last month, some 843 heavy vehicles were found violating a ban on using main roads leading to the city centre during peak hours, according to a Road Transport Department (RTD) spokesman.

The ban, which was enforced in June 2021 by the Federal Territories Ministry through Kuala Lumpur City Hall, involves vehicles exceeding 7.5 tonnes.

Its then deputy minister Datuk Seri Jalaluddin Alias said the enforcement measure was decided by a special committee that sought solutions to disperse traffic congestion in the federal capital.

“Any heavy vehicle found entering the capital during peak hours will be subject to action by police and RTD under Section 79 of the Road Transport Act 1987.”

The ban is in force from 6.30am until 9.30am and from 4.30pm until 7.30pm daily.

The spokesman said the department monitors the situation from time to time based on feedback through its e-complaint system.

“Unless the heavy vehicle operators have obtained an exemption from the relevant authorities, RTD will act against them.”

He also said using, causing or allowing a vehicle to violate the ban is an offence under Section 70 of the Act, which carries a fine of not more than RM1,000, imprisonment of not more than three months, or both.

“Court action is taken as a last resort to curb repeated violations by heavy vehicle drivers,” he said, adding that initial offences could be settled through a compound.

The spokesman said heavy vehicle operators were required to settle compounds within a stipulated time frame.

“Failure to comply would result in the case being registered for prosecution in court.”

He suggested that heavy vehicle operators use a global positioning system (GPS) to avoid traffic congestion, while companies would be able to oversee and optimise the routes and activities of their commercial fleets.

According to him, the integration of a GPS contributes to a safer and more streamlined transportation system.

He said the Transport Ministry and RTD regularly collaborate with other government agencies to implement restricted time lane enforcement for heavy vehicles.

They also conduct engagement sessions with transport associations and commercial vehicle operators to identify recurring issues in the haulage industry.

Motorist Anderson Wong, 27, expressed frustration that heavy vehicles were contributing to daily traffic congestion.

“I don’t understand why these vehicles are on the road during peak hours despite the ban, as they slow down traffic and cause congestion.”

Another motorist, Nicole Andrea, 25, was similarly exasperated over delays in her commute to work due to such vehicles.

“The authorities should take stricter action against offenders as they seem to have a tidak apa (nonchalant) attitude.”


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