Smooth traffic on major highways this morning

Smooth traffic on major highways this morning

KUALA LUMPUR: Traffic flow on major highways towards the Klang Valley is reported to be smooth and under control as of 10 am today.

According to a Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) spokesman, congestion only occurred over a stretch of two kilometres on the North-South Expressway (PLUS) from Senawang to Port Dickson due to high traffic volume.

“For other routes from the north, east coast and south heading towards the Klang Valley, all were reported to be under control, with no significant congestion. The same applies to routes exiting the Klang Valley,” he said when contacted by Bernama.

Traffic is expected to increase this afternoon as Klang Valley residents begin to return to their homes after the Deepavali holidays.

Highway users are advised to follow the suggested travel times to avoid any severe congestion, the spokesman added.-Bernama


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