Locals flock to beaches, lakes in conjunction with Deepavali replacement holiday

Locals flock to beaches, lakes in conjunction with Deepavali replacement holiday

KUALA LUMPUR: Beaches and lakes were among the focus of the public with the replacement holiday for Deepavali today for recreation besides relieving stress or ‘healing’ as the younger generation would say these days.

A Bernama check in the nation’s capital found that many people chose the Taman Tasik Titiwangsa lake to gather and spend quality time with family members.

Fazlin Nor Jah, 42, said she spent the holiday gathering with her family there as everyone was busy with work on weekdays.

“My family of eight chose this place because it’s close to my mother’s house in Taman Melawati, so it’s convenient to get together,“ said Fazlin who works as an auditor in a private company.

In Pahang, the popular Teluk Cempedak beach was the focus of visitors for sightseeing and playing water activities.

General worker R. Kumar, 41, from Mentakab, about 148 km from Kuantan, visited the tourist spot before going to the temple in Maran to pray.

“My family wanted to go to the temple in Maran to pray, but thinking that it had been a long time since I had taken the children for a walk, my wife and I went to Kuantan first before stopping in Maran on the way back in the afternoon,“ he said.

Self-employed Nur Muhammad Mohd Zanini, 29, from Kota Bharu, Kelantan said he and his family took advantage of the long weekend holiday in the state to return to his wife’s hometown in Chenor, Maran and spent the night in Kuantan before continuing their journey home today.

In Negeri Sembilan, a check at Teluk Kemang Beach, Port Dickson found that the beach was crowded with families.

A visitor from Kuala Lumpur, Hafiz Ismail, 42, said he and his four family members often go there if they have free time because it is close to the capital.

“We like to come here on holiday as it’s close to Kuala Lumpur. Today, we came early around 8 am because we wanted to avoid the crowds, the children wanted to swim in the sea, so we think Port Dickson is the ideal location,“ he said.

In the meantime, Negeri Sembilan Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) chairman Haziz Hassan said hotel room bookings in Port Dickson this weekend increased by 80 to 100 per cent thus giving a good return to the state’s hospitality sector.–Bernama


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