Zander Capital fulfils market demand for natural haircare products

Zander Capital fulfils market demand for natural haircare products

KUALA LUMPUR: Looking at the increasing trend of natural products, Zander Capital Sdn Bhd has taken proactive steps to launch two haircare products specifically for mothers and babies to fulfil the demand in the local market.

Two products that were developed from a research and development process of one year and formulated in South Korea are Nyla Scalp Energising Tonic and Nyla Little One Serum.

Managing director Muhammad Atiq Idris said the initiative is to meet the local demand that seemed to be increasingly paying attention to the usage of natural products in line with the increase in the standard of living and healthy lifestyle.

“My wife and I have been looking for suitable products, especially for women after giving birth who are facing hair loss or postpartum hair loss, but many international brands that we tried were not suitable for our country’s hot and humid climate, and this caused the scalp to become uncomfortable,” he told Bernama.

Muhammad Atiq said RM230,000 has been invested in the two products and to date, 1,000 bottles of serum were produced a month. “We are eyeing production of 5,000 bottles a month next year,“ he said.

Muhammad Atiq also revealed that there are plans to obtain organic and halal certification to ensure consumer confidence.

Founder Tasha Shilla said the products combined premium materials including Biotin and stem cells extracted from roses to encourage healthy and strong hair.

“Hair loss problems often occur about two to three months after birth. This has become an inspiration for me to produce innovative haircare products, not only for mothers but also for babies at the same time,” she said. –Bernama


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