Kedah Hindus do last-minute shopping for Deepavali

Kedah Hindus do last-minute shopping for Deepavali

ALOR SETAR: Hindus in Kedah are making full use of the weekend holiday today to make final preparations by buying essential items ahead of the Deepavali celebrations tomorrow.

A check by Bernama at several premises around this city found that the Indian community is still busy shopping for items such as decorations, sweets, flowers and traditional food to welcome the festival of lights.

A shop owner who specialises in Deepavali preparation items, Jacquelin Joseph, 49, said many people visited her shop since this morning to buy items, especially food.

Even though the prices of some items have slightly increased compared to before, she said it did not dampen the spirit of Hindu devotees from making preparations to celebrate the festival.

“Many of our items are still at the same price as before but the prices of murukku, cookies and food items have gone up slightly. However, many people are still doing last-minute shopping buying food items and Interestingly, not only Indians but Chinese and Malays are also shopping for food items that are available,“ she said when met by Bernama here today.

Another retail premises owner K. Thinagaran, 39, said many people visited his shop in the morning and today his shop will operate until midnight for last-minute shoppers.

A. Gevan, 31, said he did last-minute shopping to ensure adequate preparations for the festival.

“Before this, I already bought and made preparations, but this afternoon I bought a few more items to add what was lacking, especially food,“ he said.

Meanwhile, in KELANTAN, the Indian community is busy preparing various traditional dishes such as murukku, achi murukku, Kallu Urundai, Nei Urundhei and ladu to be served to the guests.

S. Buveneswary, 31, said she and her mother T. Kamala, 67 had already prepared more than 10 types of snacks starting last week.

“We have already made preparations, including preparing lamps and kolams (traditional floor decorations) using dyed rice) and in these last days we will prepare prayers.

“Today we are planning to make murukku, mom is very excited and looking forward to the return of other family members to celebrate the festival together, we have bought three new sets of clothes,“ she said when met by reporters at her home at the People’s Housing Programme (PPR) scheme in Gua Musang. – Bernama


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