Sabahan couple’s satay a hit in Perth, sold at RM7 a stick

Sabahan couple’s satay a hit in Perth, sold at RM7 a stick

MALAYSIAN FOOD is considered one of the best thanks to the diverse array of offerings as a result of the nation’s multicultural society.

A food reviewer recently discovered a Sabahan couple in Perth selling satay for AUS$2 (approximately RM7) per piece, calling it “one of the best” he ever tried.

The food reviewer, @thepapanash, claimed that the satay sauce could “fight anything he has tasted in Malaysia”.

Based in Perth, the newly opened Satay Bro is a food truck owned by Sabahan couple Zul and his wife, specialising in “Cocos Malay cuisine”.

According to another TikTok video by @thepapanash, the Sabahan couple can easily sell up to 400 sticks each day, priced at AUS$12 (approximately RM36) for a set of five sticks, within three hours (open from 2pm and finished selling the satay at 5pm).

“Best, tastiest satay in town is right there. They’ve been only here for three months and already, word is getting out and the queues are getting longer because their satay is simply delicious.

“I give it a 10/10 and that is not an easy rating for me to give. But it is really that good,” the food reviewer said.

Eventhough the satay is the food truck’s main hit, the Sabahan couple also offers Nasi Kuning & Ayam Panggang for AUS$13 (around RM39) and Mee Goreng priced at AUS$12 (around RM36).

Netizens were beaming with pride at how well the couple’s business was doing in Australia, impressed by the profits made in such a short amount of time.

They were also happy knowing that Malaysian food was well-received in other countries.


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