Indonesia man swims from MY to SG using a trash bag as flotation device

Indonesia man swims from MY to SG using a trash bag as flotation device

Imagine swimming from Malaysia to Singapore? But if the thought has ever crossed your mind, do take note that Singapore’s strict border rules will have you arrested.

But Muhammad Izal, an Indonesian man defied the odds and managed to enter the country, staying there for 10 months before his eventual arrest, as reported by CNA.

He began his journey by taking a ferry from Batam, Indonesia to Stulang Laut in Johor where he spent two nights. He then swam towards Singapore’s Pulau Ubin island, using a trash bag as a makeshift floatation device.

After taking a 30-minute rest on the island, Izal continued his swim to Changi Beach before successfully reaching the shore and residing in the country for a remarkable 10 months before being apprehended by the authorities.

Izal was arrested on Woodlands Road after he was unable to present the documentation that the authorities had asked for. As a result, on Nov 2, he was given a 15-month sentence in prison and seven canings.

Izal was previously banned from Singapore in May 2022 for entering without a valid pass. He had four prior immigration offences, with the most recent one in Aug 2021 when he re-entered after deportation.

As a result, he was sentenced to a year in jail and received six strokes of the cane in Sept 2021. He was released in April 2022, only to be banned and deported again in May 2022.


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