Woman falls in love with sister’s husband, requests to ‘borrow’ him for her birthday

Woman falls in love with sister’s husband, requests to ‘borrow’ him for her birthday

LOVE is known to be one of the sweetest things in the world; but when it goes bad, it can quickly become bitter.

According to an anonymous Facebook post, the 21-year-old girl came to KL to pursue her studies. Worried about their daughter’s safety, her parents had their daughter reside with her sister and husband. Little did they know, this decision would spark something completely unimaginable.

After living some time with them, the girl began to develop feelings for her sister’s husband and the feelings very quickly became deep. Especially after she witnessed how her brother-in-law treated her older sister.

“I attempted to get closer to him while my sister was away. I saw his muscular body at the house gym once and couldn’t help but fantasise about being intimate with him,” she said.

Her brother-in-law would occasionally pick her up from college and to make matters worse, she would inform her friends that he was her boyfriend.

If that doesn’t sound frightening enough, the confessor was frustrated at not being able to inform her sister that she desired her brother-in-law for her birthday.

“I wish I could tell my sister that I want to borrow her husband for a day to go on a date, and do things couples usually do.”

“One day is sufficient. I just want to date him and do things that couples do,“ she bravely admitted.

What would you do if you were in the position of the eldest sister?


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