Local woman spends RM12k on Omakase, regrets birthday dinner

Local woman spends RM12k on Omakase, regrets birthday dinner

OMAKASE is a Japanese dining experience the chef will present a series of plates, beginning with the lightest fare and proceeding to the heaviest dishes. And it is without a doubt a very luxurious meal.

In KL, the cheapest omakase will cost you at least RM300 per person and can go up to thousands. So, it makes sense to have Omakase on special occasions.

However, Malaysian influencer Qiuwen recently shared her expensive dining experience at a Japanese restaurant for Omakase which ended on a disappointing note.

She wasted no time in expressing her true feelings about the experience in a series of Instagram stories.

“My birthday is ruined, thanks to the worst Omakase I’ve ever had.”

Qiuwen began by displaying an image of a handroll that she described as “insincere,“ adding that the carrot stripes are raw and hard. She then posted a photo of a plate of tofu, which she described as bland and difficult to eat.

“I was so excited to try the Japanese gourmet, but I was let down.

We were a group of 12, and the bill was at least RM10,000,“ Qiuwen explained.

Qiuwen then continued to complain about the food she had, including (and unfortunately) the dessert.

“I only had a few bites of some of the food, and my boyfriend assisted in finishing the rest.”

It is unfortunate for something like this to occur, especially with such an exorbitant price tag involved. What do you think? Do tell us what you would do in this situation.


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